Thursday, July 26, 2012

Facts About Dog Fence

Electric dog fences are used by dog owners as a way to contain a dog in a yard without putting up a wooden or chain-link fence. Instead of having to stay on a leash, a dog can roam in a yard with an underground fence.


  • Fences can be set to deliver different levels of shocks. Level one is a mild shock suitable for controlling timid dogs. The highest level is used to subdue hyperactive dogs and can cause a dog to cry out. Still, some dogs find the temptation to roam too hard to resist and may choose to withstand the pain that is inflicted by the receiver collar. Dogs that cross the underground wire may be afraid to come back and feel the pain again.

Snow Piles

  • Snow piles built up over the underground wire can cancel out the signal on the fencing system. Although most systems are set to activate 6 to 8 feet from the wire, both in height and width, some systems are set at a lower range. If the snow is higher than the established range, the boundary wire is canceled out and the dog can cross over without a warning or shock.

Battery Life

  • Batteries in the receiver collar require replacement every three to eight months, depending on the system you use, the type of battery, how often the dog tempts the boundary and receives a jolt and if the collar is subject to cold temperatures.
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