Monday, May 14, 2012

Use Electric Dog Fence to Keep Your Pet Safe

Dogs are known to be fast learner animals. They have the energy, curiosity, and instinct to roam and wander around, run and play, hunt and chase. Some dogs want to stay at home even though they have this full freedom but most dogs have natural curiosity that leads them to stray when opportunity arises. Because of this, a lot of pet owners (especially those new pet owners) were having difficulty keeping their pets safe. For this reason, it is very important to find reliable solution to keep your pets away from danger.

There are ways of training and devices you can use to keep your pets within the vicinity and away from whatever peril he may cause. One of the popular yet safe and very effective devices is the electric dog fence. This is an economical substitute for putting up wood or possibly chain link fencing. This kind of dog fence is a method tested to be secure to keep your pet safe. With electric dog fence, your pet can easily wander and play openly and freely. Aside from this, you can still protect your garden, pool areas etch without having undesirable fences. 

Electric dog fence system consists of underground wiring, which carries current to a compatible dog collar. When the dog starts to draw near its perimeter, the collar will give your dog a mild shock. It is meant to act as a warning. This will make an indication that your dog has to avoid crossing the restricted areas.

Some people seem to think that this kind of Dog Fence will harm you and your dog. 

This is not true! It will only provide a shock to the dog that is wearing the specific collar. The shock will not leave any permanent damage and is completely humane. Electric Dog Fences will give the dog a warning (either a beep, slight shock or a vibration) as they approach the boundary line, if they still continue to get closer to its perimeter, then a correctional shock is released. The shock will discourage the dog to go any further.  

Dog fence devices never harm your pet. Using a state-of-the-art technology, an electric dog fence lets your dog recognize it's not proper to go over an specific area and that it is important to respond in a positive way to what the collar/transmitter informs it to do. But above all this system and technique, full knowledge and better ways of training is really the most critical component to the effectiveness of these fences.

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  4. Our neighbor at the lake has this.. He is a pug and he stands right on the border and sadly, he is so old his lil barker is all worn out. But the fence works and everypawdy is happy. We don't have one, but if we ever get another big dog, we'll need one for sure. I don't go out without my peeps and still listen pretty effectively. (mom;s knocking on wood)

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  6. That fence might be useful for one of my dogs who tends to tear down all types of fencing I have used -- wire fencing, wood fencing, etc.

    As long as the dog is not hurt badly, I guess it must be a fantastic solution for owners with feisty dogs.

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