Monday, December 12, 2011

The Secrets of Successful House Training

Puppies pee and poop a lot of times. If you’ve never lived with a puppy, you’d be amazed by the number of times these little ones need to go potty. Every hour or two they star doing things looking for a place to potty. If you aren’t watchful, accidents may frequently happen.

House Training is the first lesson new owners need to consider teaching their pets; it is the foundation for a good behavior. Without it, dogs can’t become members of family you ever wanted. They run the risk of being exiled to the backyard, never getting the attention and social interaction that they need and deserve.

The secrets of successful house-training are simple: TIME, PATIENT, CONSISTENCY and SUPERVISION. That’s all a pet need to be trained. Dogs are known to be quick or fast learners. A regular potty schedule, combined with praise for going in the right spot, and they’ll soon get the idea. Dogs are naturally clean animals, and they don’t want to spoil their living area. House-training teaches dogs that the house is the living area and the yard (or whatever spot you choose) is the potty area.

House-training especially potty training a puppy is a process. It’s not something a puppy can learn in a day, or a week. It might take few weeks or even a month for your dogs to understand what you want.

Remember that each dog is an individual; some puppies are trained so fast while others may take few months until they’re completely reliable to understand. Dogs need extra supervision and a lot of positive reinforcement. This is one of the secrets of successful house-training.

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